There are plenty of times that cars need to be shipped, and they aren’t running. If you’re looking to get a car that isn’t running from one place to the next, you’re likely perplexed by what method you’ll use to get it there. Lucky for you, Secure Auto Shipping makes it easy to get a vehicle from one place to the next.

The part that makes shipping a car that isn’t running difficult, is that cars that aren’t running are usually missing pieces that make it possible for them to get put onto the trailer or truck that will be transporting them. For instance, most transport vehicles that are open require the car to be driven onto the truck, so if you aren’t able to start your car and drive it onto the truck, this could narrow down the type of transport vehicles that you’re able to use.

Most reliable shipping companies should be able to transport a vehicle that isn’t able to start. This will require the professional to winch your car up onto the truck, meaning that they’ll need a tow that will help secure your car in place for the transport without ever having to get inside the car or start it.

For the most part, shipping a car that isn’t running could cost more than taking care of the problem up front. If you’re not sure why your car isn’t running, we suggest having a mechanic check your car out first so that you have an idea whether or not the replacement or repair would be more affordable. If they can’t provide you with an answer as to why your car isn’t starting, or you would rather fix the car on your own, we will still ship it for you.

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