SAS_open-carrierSecure Auto Shipping is among the fastest, most reliable, and safest auto shipping companies in the world. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, we specialize in making your vehicle’s safety our number one priority. We take away the hassle and stress of collecting several quotes from companies giving you false promises and fictitious prices by giving you a rate straight from one of our car haulers!

That’s because unlike other car transporters, Secure Auto Shipping differentiates itself because we are both a broker and a carrier; therefore, you can rest assured that with our over 50 years combined experience we can provide you the most efficient transport and affordable prices with either our very own car hauler, or one from our exclusive network of partners.

To satisfy every need of our customers, we also provide dependable shipping services for motorcycles, boats, and over-sized loads. With our licensed car transporters full-coverage insurance, Secure Auto Shipping promises your precious cargo arrives at its destination meticulously.

Because we understand trust is very important when selecting your auto transport company, we do not charge you any money upfront to start you off! That’s right, that means NO DEPOSIT until we can at the very least provide you with your driver’s name, number, and the pick up dates for your transport!

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if we can’t satisfy your transport needs. Customers love us because we never charge deposits or broker fees! Give us a call at 888-534-4882