SAS_open-carrierWhether you are shipping cross country or across the street, open carrier car shipping is the most common method for transporting a car. Your vehicle will be transported on an open car carrier, commonly seen delivering new cars to dealerships. Open carriers are the most cost effective method of shipping and provide fully insured, door-to-door service. For shipping your car across the country, we also offer “top rack placement. We understand that when moving long distances, it isn’t always easy to send all of your belongings, so if you would like to have your items in the vehicle while your car is shipping across country, please ask our friendly logistics coordinator to assign you a driver who can make it happen!

Shorter trips may be done on one of our smaller haulers as they take on shorter distance trips. We specialize in both intrastate and interstate car transport, so we can service any of your needs! If you found yourself asking “how can I ship my car across country”?, we have the answer!

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Open carrier vehicle shipping is our specialty – we have a higher customer satisfaction rate than any other car shipper! We make transporting a car easy as can be!

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