So your child just got accepted into the university of their dreams. The weather is perfect, the friends will be plentiful, and hey, it’s going to leave them on the right foot for a great carrier. While all of this is music to your ears, and you want nothing more than for your child to find the place that makes them happiest, nothing is quite as unnerving as sending your child to go to school overseas.

While the tuition is already making a dent in your pocket, your child is probably asking what in the world can be done about their car. How will they get to the grocery store? Or go out to the movies with friends? What about the times that they want to come and visit (you’ll shrug off that they’re oceans away during this statement)?

Since you’re already dishing out the money for tuition, the last thing on your mind is what type of car they want bought while they’re over there. If your child is more than expectant of having a car while they’re at school in Hawaii or Alaska, Secure Auto Shipping is exactly what you need.

We provide you with the services necessary to take a car from the mainland and ship it over to states like Hawaii and Alaska. This means that you child will have a nice vehicle while they’re over there, without you ever having to buy them a brand new car. Problem solved.

We offer plenty of oversea shipping options for a variety of vehicles. Whether it’s a boat, car or motorcycle that you need shipped to either of these states, we can get the job done. Shut down the daydreams they’re having about a new car, and call our office. We will help determine which method of oversea shipping will be best for you in this situation. And hey, if it makes you feel better, you’re still parent of the year in our books.