autoshipSometimes the perfect car isn’t in the place that you live. When you find the perfect vehicle in a location that’s a bit from home, or you live overseas and are shipping a new car to yourself, there are a few things that you need to be aware of before you complete your purchase. While you aren’t required to complete these following steps, doing so will help ensure that you aren’t cheated during the process of purchasing this vehicle.


As you get closer to finalizing the sale, remind the person selling the vehicle that you aren’t in the same state and that you’ll need it transported. This initial start of conversation can help you figure out when a member of our team will be able to pick up your car for the transport home. Scheduling a time before the purchase makes it easier to keep this agreement by creating a contract of sorts that ensures they’ll be there to hand over the car when we show up.


The next decision that you will have to make, once you’ve agreed on a meeting time, is what type of carrier you’d like to use for the trip. The primary decision in this should be how far your vehicle needs to travel and what the weather will be like at the time that your vehicle will be transported. If you’re going to have to transport your car for quite some distance, then it is probably best to use an enclosed carrier for your transport.


Buying a car is already really expensive, so having to spend much more money can be frustrating and a bit unsettling, but when you find the right car, you make the decisions that you need to. Finding the options that are going to make getting your car possible, while still being affordable is key. Ensure that you take the time to do this so that you don’t get stuck in either one of these agreements and end up without a car.

Once you’re able to come to a conclusion with these types of decisions, finalizing your purchase will be much more settling. Also, being able to figure all of this up front will make it easier to finalize and finish the purchase without stressing about the tiny details. Enjoy that new car!