1. Places You Will Want to Move To and Ship Your Boat as Well

    We spend a lot of time talking about shipping your car here on the Secure Auto Shipping blog, but that’s not all we do here. Along with cars, we also are experienced in shipping RVs, heavy equipment, and most enjoyable of all, boats. With the owner and founder of Secure Auto Shipping being an avid boater, it’s no surprise that we have a wide array of experience in shipping boats of all types a…Read More

  2. Moving To Alaska & Taking Your Boat With You

    If you’re moving to Alaska, chances are you’ve heard there’s good fishing. A majority of the income made in Alaska is based off of the boats that spend hours catching. If you’re the proud owner of a boat, then I’m positive you’ve heard of the great fishing and more than likely extremely excited to get your boat out there. While figuring out the essentials like the home you’ll move in…Read More