1. Pluses and Minuses to RV Ownership

    For those who own a recreational vehicle (RV), whether you use it as a second home or for taking regular road trips, there are pluses and minuses to doing so.  Like anything in life you have to weigh the positives of the item you want against the negatives that may exist.  When it comes to owning an RV, you probably see advertisements everywhere of happy people crossing the country in their RVs;…Read More

  2. Heading South for the Winter?

    Alright, let’s face it: not everyone is cut out for the cold that comes with the winter months. There’s a reason that many find the mild, warm winters of Florida, Texas, or Arizona so appealing, and while you may love spending the winters down south, that’s also not where you want to live year round. Your family lives elsewhere, perhaps along the East Coast or somewhere in the Midwest. Why w…Read More

  3. Which Costs More, Vehicle Transport Or Driving It Yourself?

    One of the questions that we are most frequently asked is whether or not people actually save money by having their car transported. While prices can be a bit intimidating, chances are you aren’t really breaking down what the cost would be if you drove your car to the destination yourself. Think about it, if driving your car there was convenient and affordable, you wouldn’t be looking for our …Read More

  4. Shipping Your Car For An Adventurous Drive Home

    One of the adventure’s that has peaked the interest of our shipping team is road trips. Not just to a neighboring town, of course not. From a mix of avid motorcyclist and drivers alike we have heard of a road trip across America. This trip sounds so exciting, with stops at city limit signs and state parks, there’s so much of America that needs to be seen! Secure Auto Shipping can help on your …Read More

  5. Our Partnership With UShip

    Secure Auto Shipping is proud, and excited, to announce that we have partnered with UShip, a top option for people looking for the perfect shipping services. This partnership is one built off of quality work and great customer service, so it is sure to be a successful one! UShip is a trusted online shipping marketplace that connects consumers with companies who ship household goods, vehicles and m…Read More